” Casting calls for a great level of expertise, supreme technical know-how, state-of-the-art technology, and robust engineering capabilities – four things we pride ourselves on being equipped with. We are your go-to doyens for all-things-brass-and-bronze. Our forte lies in producing non-ferrous centrifugal castings and our professionally-managed manufacturing unit in Pune enables us to craft and deliver all types of brasses and bronzes of the highest quality. “

Our Products

Bushes, wheels, sleeves, rings, liners, plates – you name it, we have it. With a ratified casting process and quality policy in place, you can trust Spin-N-Cast to deliver excellence.


With an expansive foundry unit and cutting-edge manufacturing equipment, our promise of delivering the highest quality of metallic components is ably backed by the tools we use.

Clients & Markets

From hydro power plants and mining to textile and ship manufacturing, our clientele includes a wide array of small, mid-sized and large-scale businesses from diverse industries.

Quality is The Best Policy


Rigorous nondestructive (hardness / hydro) , physical and chemical testing in a state-of-the-art laboratory to ensure ideal composition in every heat batch


Third-party inspection for physical, ultrasonic and radiography along with longitudinal and transverse photomicrographs of casting cross sections


Quality control and approval along with dimensional control (achieved up to 20 microns)


Approval by official and governmental inspection organizations, including DGQA, IRS, LRS, MECON, and NTPC.